Sunday, February 10, 2013

Standing Tall

It quite something to look back and ponder how can those who wear the purple of the Fraternity could think that this color is a license to do whatever they wish and set aside lessons taught in our Degrees such as justice, tolerance, Brotherly Love and others. Being castigated because being seen in attendance in a ceremony open to public as a warning to those "disobeyed" was not enough, the plot to divide and hijack a lodge was a stuff right out of the TV soap opera show and a demostration of how power can corrupt weak minded men. On this day, again I applaud the action of the Brethren of Pintong Bato Lodge for standing tall against injustice and whimpsical notions of misguided individuals. I congratulate the Brethren and those who support them for courage and persistence againt an overwhelming odds, you and the rest of the Brethren of IGLPI showed the rest of us that Brotherhood doesnt meant blind obedience but of distinguishing what is right and what is wrong then applying Brotherly Love to those who we can trully call Worthy Brothers of the Craft. My profound congratulation to the Brethren of Pintong Bato and the rest of IGPLI. Mabuhay!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Model of A Change

by RmOlano

I apologize for gallivanting for sometime but to hear this news (new Masonic Lodges activation) is wonderful indeed. May the passage of time sprout true and worthy Brethren who understand why sometimes change must be done, accept the fact, and move on. Birds of same feather flocked together--a Law of Nature just like Law of Gravity. There is/are reasons for rebellion, justified or not and to succeed rebels need leaders with vision---men who do not see their place in grand scale but rather committed to continuity and eventual accomplishment of their cause. There are Freemasons on both sides of the street, how do we treat each other depends on how much we learned from the lessons of the Craft.

Our history can show that Philippines independence even short lived was led with many Brethren --- men with visions who do not see their place in grand scale. The recent Masonic activities in the the country as reported in Recent Events in Philippine Masonry  blog has shown that Philippines have men with vision who do not see their place in grand scale. Not everything was lost, there is always hope. The Nation needs leaders with vision, the Nation needs role models who can be emulated and be trusted to be ethical in their ways. The Nation does not have to look far and beyond, these leaders are already downrange and on site.

The larger question is whether the Nation itself wants a change. Will it take another one hundred years of injustice, oppression, and servitude before the Nation hears the voices of men with vision? The real issue is not much about the leaders but the people who select their voices. We reap what we sow. It is my hope that may people realize that the leaders do not make miracles, it requires commitment from all those who want the change--- a lesson from IGLPI.

Rebels, Freemasonry and History.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Soft night winds bring a bit of chill to the skin yet, nobody really cares. There is warmth from burning logs, cracking as it tumbles down, sending thousands of fiery dust upwards propelled by the breeze. Forest night creatures sing their song, competing and badly losing to a Boy Scout Troop campfire. Forming a loose circle, the boys with their patrol flags slowly waving from the soft breeze, sit on the soft grass while listening to the man we admiringly called, “Sir Frank.”


Though Sir Frank dropped his working tools for sometime now, it is my distinct honor and privilage to call the first man to sign my petition to receive Degrees in Freemasonry a Brother--- Brother Francisco Malicsi.